Serving Adams, Franklin, Cumberland and Fulton Counties in PA, Washington County, MD. and Morgan County, WV.   
 We are a local chapter of the American Assoc. of Woodturners

​​​Cumberland Valley Woodturners

Shop Tours

February 10, 2018 

Shop Tour at Jim Stottlemyer's Shop

June 15, 2019

Shop Tour at Rod Stabler's Shop.

April 13, 2019

Shop Tour at Lloyd Benedict's Shop

August 11, 2018 

Shop Tour at Steve Talmadge's Shop

April 14, 2018

Shop Tour at Fred Eklund's Shop

February 16, 2019

Shop Tour at Larry Witmer's Shop 

May 12, 2018

Shop Tour at John Hough's Shop

March 16, 2019

Shop Tour at Chris Manikaf's Shop