Woodturning Forums and Videos
There are more than 100 woodturning forums. Listed are the more popular
and have friendly and helpful participants. The regulars that use these forums are quite knowledgeable.

You will have to have ID and password to post on the forum pages.

Go to www.youtube.comand check the hundreds of tutorial turning videos. The AAW and Crafts Supply have some great videos. For example, Eddie Castelin has over 150 and a large following. He is very personable and a great turner.

Octaneseating      Good source for Identifing wood.

Nick Cook: A lot of small projects and great articles.   
Bill Luce: Every one is the "perfect bowl"
Jennifer Shirley: Simple forms enhance to works of art.

suggest an artist: We will put them here
Molly Winton: Hollow forms with her cave drawings.

Ed Kelle: Art with a piece of wood, a dremel and dyes.
Tony Cortese: Great carving and a lot of inspiration.

Bob Rosand: Many fun turnings with articles and techniques. Google him to find Videos and articles his website was not found.
Larry Hancock: Tutorials and simple projects.

Barbara Gill: Variety of great turnings. *Velvit Oil finish
Patrick O'Brien: Work is awesome, artistic turner. Website hasn't been updated in a long time.

Brad Adams: Beautiful bowls and bottle stoppers.
Studio E: Much creativity and expertise.

Suggest an Artist: We will put them here.
Andy DiPietro: Hollow forms but each is unique.

Barbara Dill: Mult-axis and split turnings.
Darrell Feltmate: Tips, tutorials, turnings Nice site. Not updated since 2016.

Johannes Michelsen: The original "hat man".
Kurt Hertzog: Small projects, unique boxes.

Ed Davidson: Yoyos, pens, a lot of tutorials and videos.

Mid-Maryland Wood Turners Club - Frederick MD.   http://www.mmwtc.org/

Woodturners and Their Inspirational Work

There are many hundreds of woodturners.The following links were chosen because, no matter
what your skill level, you will learn something or be inspired by these turners.These links are
related to all aspects of turning also with videos. If you would like to see one of these turners,
if possible,  we can schedule them for a demo. 

South Central Pennsylvania Wood Turners - York PA.  http://www.pawoodturners.com

Wood Central
Great mix of turners, *articles, flat work, hand tools, see pics of workshops.... #1 forum.
Finest Video Collection
A very good list of turning videos on the internet. Doesn't look like its been updated since 2015 but the links still work.
Sawmill Creek

Excellent forum, everyone feels welcome and you can learn a lot just by reading the posts and responses.

Cap'n Eddie Videos
Eddie Castelin has over 150 turning videos and a lot of turners say he does the best videos.
IAP (Int'l Assoc. of Penturners)

All the information you could ever want about turning pens. There is a sub-forum "other things we make" which is just that.

Craft Supplies Videos
There are 140 variety of woodturning related videos; turning, tools, sharpening, ect.
Woodturners Resource

This link takes you to the turners forum but check out all the other info on this site as well.

John Lucas videos
John is well-known on the forums, does great videos for average turners. I learn from John.
Canadian Woodturners

A fun site, bunch of nice guys, everything about wood on the site that you might want to know.

AAW Instant Galleries
These show the finest and most inspirational turnings offered in the craft.
North Carolina Woodworkers
This is an excellent site for all sorts of woodworking with a forum for each.

Lee Burkholder 

You Tube channel with club demo's

Links For Woodturning

Craft Supplies
They carry just about everything.    
West Penn Hardwoods
The biggest selection of exotic wood. NY state, huge warehouse, loads of off-cuts at fantastic prices.
SS Niles (Ruth Niles)

The best bottle stoppers made in the USA Joyner Pendant (off-center) jig.

This site is the best for finding a specific wood species or dealer.
Packard Woodworks

They carry just about everything (nice guys)

Big Monk Lumber
Good selection of exotic wood at great prices.


The most complete selection of pen turning supplies

Lee Valley Tools
Nice selection of fine tools and gadgets.

Turning Wood

The finest sandpaper discs anywhere plus every disc has the grit stamped on the back!

Penn State Industries
If you cant afford the others, all made in  China but a lot of turning products.

Thompson Tools

Alex Harris


Doug has the finest turning tools at the absolute best prices.

Electric Chainsaws

Joe Wiesnet 


Buffalo Wood Turning Products

Apple Valley Wood Turners - Winchester VA. http://www.applevalleywoodturners.org



 Lathes, tools, sandpaper, pen supplies, wood,  etc.


​​​Cumberland Valley Woodturners

Links to other Woodturning Clubs

Serving Adams, Franklin, Cumberland and Fulton Counties in PA, Washington County, MD. and Morgan County, WV.   
 We are a local chapter of the American Assoc. of Woodturners