Bob  Daniel's Shop Tour

Gettysburg, PA - February 2017

Carroll and Jim Stottlemyer's Shop Tour
March 15, 2014

Bob Robinson's Shop Tour
June 28, 2014

Larry Miller's Shop Tour
Chambersburg, PA  

Joe Wertner's Shop Tour
St. Thomas, PA  

Nelson Zullinger's Shop Tour  January 2015

 Bob Daniel's Shop Tour
              Gettysburg, PA. 
July 2015

Fred Eklund's Shop Tour
Fredrick, MD   August 2015

Serving Adams, Franklin, Cumberland and Fulton Counties in PA, Washington County, MD. and Morgan County, WV.   
 We are a local chapter of the American Assoc. of Woodturners

​​​Cumberland Valley Woodturners


​​John Hough's Shop Tour

     Shippensburg, PA  October 2015

Joe Wertner's Shop Tour
St. Thomas, PA  May ​2016

Billy Calimer's Shop Tour

Waynesboro, PA - May 2017

Joe Wertner's Shop Tour
St. Thomas, PA - ​August 2017

​​​Larry Miller's Shop Tour

      Chambersburg, PA December 2015

Rod Stabler's Shop Tour

​Fairfield, PA  April 2016

Rod Stabler's Shop Tour

Fairfield, PA - March 2017

Nelson Zullinger's Shop Tour 

     Chambersburg, PA  March 2016

Jeff Graham's Shop Tour

Greencastle, PA - April 2017

Jim Stottlemyer's Shop Tour

Wanynesboro, PA  Oct 2016