December 1, 2018

The club supported a pen turning event at the Ginger Bread Festival in Gettysburg PA.  The pictures below are some of the happy pen turners with their pens.

Club Events

Serving Adams, Franklin, Cumberland and Fulton Counties in PA, Washington County, MD. and Morgan County, WV.   
 We are a local chapter of the American Assoc. of Woodturners

​​​Cumberland Valley Woodturners

Fall - 2018

August 3 & 4 2018

Denis Delehanty - (Guest Turner) Held two workshops, one for Friday and one for Saturday.  The topic was making a milk stool.  The workshop was held at Nelson Zullingers shop.

February 18, 2019

Club members had the opportunity to teach Boy Scouts at the Greencastle Railroad Station to turn pens.

The officers of the club are very appreciative to all of you that have participated in making Christmas toys for our giving program and have participated in other activities of the club. A special thanks goes to those listed below.
Virginia Woodturning Symposium: Rod Stabler, Lee Burkholder, Bill Kroftt, Steve and Fily Talmadge, Jim and Nancy Stottlemyer. Three of the members won raffle prizes (Rod was not one of them).

4H Creative group in Newville: Lee Burkholder, Maury Mahan, Jim Stottlemyer. Made 10 pens, 8 youth and 2 adults.

Christmas gift making at Jim's shop: John Leman, Lee Burkholder, Dan Long, Rod Stabler, and Jim Stottlemyer.  Made about 50 ornaments that will be packaged with colored pens for self decorating.


December 6, 2018

  The club's annual "Christmas Party".  Christmas Toys were collected, door prizes were donated by club members for our non-member guest, gift certificates were given out to some club members, our youth got to select a partial bowl tuning to finish turning, Milk Stool was raffled.  We had a lot of great food, and a funny blond story from our president.  Let's not forget an enjoyable evening which was put together by our club officers.  

All Members,

A few weeks ago several of our members turned pens at Mountain Fest in Sabbilasville MD. A big thanks goes to those who helped (in alphabetical order): Bob Daniel, Bill Kroftt, Daniel Long, Fred Penrod, Bob Robinson, Rod Stabler, Jim Stottlemyer, Fily Talmadge, Steve Talmadge, and Ken Walker. Also thanks to Lee Burkholder for helping prepare blanks and Alan Stottlemyer who helped load the lathes and gear. 

The weather was cool and damp cutting back on attendance. Still we turned about 40 pens and had a really good time. Turners ranged from 6 years old to 86. 

The club is trying to assemble a kit of tools that can remain together for future activities. This will make it easier for whoever is in charge and limit the personal tools we need to gather. Please consider donating to this cause. Some of what we need:

Spring clamps

Binder clips

Non slip pad

First aid kit

Trash can

Face shield

Goggles (child size)

Safety glasses (child size)

Pen press

Chamfer tool

HD extension cord

Splitter or power strip

Kits, blanks or tubes


See Jim Stottlemyer or Rod Stabler if you have questions. Thanks


April 25, 2018

  Jim Stottlemyer held a workshop teaching  some club members how to make a Footstool.